Blog Traffic Secrets Series 1: How TelecomsAdvocate Get Huge Free Traffic From NairaLand?

Based on juicy traffic have enjoyed and same time hammers too, follow the instructions below.

MUST DO: Register on NL, Edit your signature and put your latest article title with link to it and save. Then;

1) Post your article in the right category and link back to your blog with e.g Culled from: , source: etc.

2) If you noticed that your blog post is not hitting things well enough (your category may not usually hit frontpage etc like others), look for hot news not posted before on NL even if its was posted by Punch,Bella etc… and;

a) Post it on your blog if you are in the same niche with the hot cake news. Then post on NL and include the post link on your blog as the source. If your niche is different, use option b (below).

b) Post it directly on NL and make sure your Signature carries your latest post and link to it. So, some readers will end up checking your signature story link out too. And in this case make sure the Source is included but not clickable so the only clickable link visible there will be your blog, offers or latest post.

Do you know that I once used the combination of “Must Do” and Number 2b above and got over 9,000 pageviews with calls from readers about the Real Follower for twitter and Instagram Offer (We do help individuals,biz,brands etc. to build real followers and have worked for brands like SureBet247, Tkbesh etc. #Foskaay +2347066052228) used as signature. Check the pictures and link to the post below;[corner-ad id=1]

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