BREAKING: Discover How I Earned Over 8,000 Airtime Free

I had wish not to be on break since I started this blog but can’t just keep to that for now due to having web design , twitter followers and digital marketing clients to attend now but I will always try my best to keep the update gap closer and update more often. Thus, am sorry.

Today am here with another big offer you will not like to miss. Though, missing it is to your own not mine because have been earning from it since its discovery and today I was in a youth empowerment program to anchor the ICT section under my company ICT enlightenment program tag “FoskaayEmpower“. I share it during the fun section- and just 1 participant earn N4,000 credit before I left with several other earning N2,000 and N1,000 respectively. So, how do you get the share of the cake?

Did I told you that have earned N4,000 too and even did 1 month subscription with part of it.

Discover How I Earned Over 8,000 Airtime Free

  1. Download an App called “Zoto” or click here
  2. Follow the simple instructions to register
  3. Under “referer” use this code OLAS4647
  4. Then connect your ATM card and load just N100 which will be credited to your account instantly.
  5. You should check your Zoto account within 2-5 minutes after and you would have received N1,000 free
  6. The next thing you is to refer other with your code. So, as they earn N1,000 for their first N100 recharge you also get N1,000 as their referrer.
  7. Imaging how many contact you have that could do that.

NOTE: This offer ends on 12th of July 2016. thus, you have limited time to enjoy. if you are the type that love to procrastinate, then give it up till this offer closes. Need any help? Use comment below. thanks!


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