@MTNNG to Rollout 4G LTE: Discover how it affects you as Subscribers?

I remember the old days when internet access was basically on 2G network and you have to wait for websites to load for a long time reducing the efficiency and resources accessed online in Nigeria.

Then, 3G cam on board and was indeed a game changer and likes of 3G+ but you are yet to experience speed in internet access until network like MTN rolls out the 4G LTE.

What is 4G LTE?[corner-ad id=1]

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MTN 4G LTE: What does that mean to Subscribers?

It came with a lot of advantages and temporal disadvantages to subscribers but at the long run its a win-win situation for both subscribers and MTN.


<> Internet at a speed of light far better than 3G slow snail

<>  Watching videos, listening to live radio etc. without annoying loading time

<> You may not need to use downloaders to speed up your download online

<> Nigeria will also be in line with developed countries with internet access[corner-ad id=1]

<> Add yours via comment below


<> High consumption of data. 15mb was a great deal of data on 2G phones back then, no more on 3G when it hardly last 24 hours today on android phones.

<> Cost of subscription may be higher at launch just like when 3GB was launched then.

<> Your 3G phone will be rendered useless and you will need to spend to acquire 4G LTE enabled phones just as we did during migration from 2G to 3G. Surely something must drop in form of cash to meetup the requirements.

<> Add yours via comment below.

Note: MTN Nigeria plans to launch the 4G LTE by June this year.



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