How To Open, Activate and Pay For Facebook Naira Ads Account Successfully+ Does and Don’ts To Avoid The Ads Account Been Deactivated by FB

All information you need to help solve Facebook Naira Ads Account Payment successfully, and also set it up if you are a first time advertiser plus tips to avoid been flagged.

Either you agree or not based on experience and clients testimonies, you are missing out one of the best cheapest and effective online adverts platform available to Nigerians presently if your business is yet to push for Facebook paid/sponsored adverts.

If you have been through the hurdles and stress of activating or paying off your adverts debt on facebook naira Ads account unsuccessfully, then you will appreciate this post more BUT if you are a first timer just about attempting Facebook Naira ads account, you are advised not to get started till you read this to the end because it may endup been tougher than you think or imagine.

As a Digital marketing consultant, have been into facebook ads for years and have seen the ups and downs of running facebook ads either in dollar or in naira billing. Facebook is stricter with their ads account than even the free no pay to use general facebook profile and page.

Thus, you will have to tread with care as a first timer. I daily receive calls and whatsapp chats from a lot of people having one challenge or the other with facebook ads account payment and have helped many especially dollar and Naira account payment. Thus, have came up with an easy to understand guide to help you out.

How To Open, Activate and Pay For Facebook Naira Ads Account Successfully + Do’s and Don’ts To Avoid The Ads Account Been Deactivated by FB

There are two ways I do help solve Facebook Naira ads account issues via my company “Foskaay”,

1) My company via our FoskaayPay4Me Services can help activate or pay off your FB naira ads account debt but this service has been suspended by my company for now because we got our payment method flagged with a client’s account. Some don’t know that once Facebook flag your ads account you can not use that card/paypal etc. again on facebook ads account, it will be rejected. I have tried some and even after a year facebook still remembered the 2 flagged cards and paypal account and rejected it for been banned a year ago. So, tread with caution, don’t rush to facebook ads till you are sure you know the do’s and don’t or you get frustrated and rush out after ban.

2) I have written an ebook to help you sort out your own acceptable payment card for Facebook Naira Ads account payment successfully.

It also includes guide for activation if you are first timer and give other useful information like card limit for naira ads account payment per month plus do’s and don’t to avoid FB flagging or deactivating your facebook naira ads account. Others things included involves how to setup a test ads for first time and how facebook bill their naira ads account which is totally different from dollar account.

You will discover while your account may show N3,000 debt but your bank charges you around N4,350 in the ebook. See prove of some of my successful payment using same special card recommended in the ebook in screenshot below:

How to Get the eBook?

It cost N5,500 but am giving it out at a very discounted price for first 50 readers to order for token of N2,500.

If interested, kindly contact me via whatsapp/call to confirm first if the discount price is still available and before you pay into my account:


After payment, you send your payment details and active email to receive the ebook download link to 07066052228.

Hope the above information helps, kindly share with friends and they will be glad you showed them the way to push their businesses forward via the best cheapest adverts platform available to Nigerian presently.





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