How to Roam On Glo SIM – Things to know before you Roam on Glo

There are times you are traveling outside Nigeria but you don’t want to miss important cals and text messages to your phone number. In such case roaming is the only reliable alternative to use your SIM cross-countries.

The information below will guide you on things to know before you roam on glo.

Glo International Roaming service enables you to stay in touch with family, friends and business associates whenever you travel. With a global coverage for many of the places you’re likely to go and our constant addition of more countries and networks to our coverage, you are sure to be in constant touch with those you care about personally or business wise.

Roaming Packages
Choose from any of our 2 different roaming plans
• Glo Business Roaming – Allows Voice, SMS and GPRS
• Prepaid Roaming – Allows Voice and SMS

Setting up Glo Business Roaming
To set up roaming on your contract line; visit any of our Gloworld outlets countrywide and pay the subscription fee of 50,000 Naira 2-3 days before your trip.
Be sure to find out about Glo Roaming Coverage in your planned travel destination.

Setting up Prepaid Roaming
Our prepaid subscribers have roaming enabled by default on their lines. So you only need to top up your credit with the desired amount you wish to spend during your trip.Be sure to find out about Glo Prepaid Roaming Coverage in your travel destination.

Your Device
Stay connected, worldwide even from any of the array of your devices.
Are you planning a trip and want to use Glo Mobile Device while you’re away? Get information and tips to help you stay connected, even when you’re far from home.

How international roaming works, and why your device matters

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